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Grand Affairs Catering Virginia Beach, Virginia Wedding: Elliott + Zoe | S. Cameron Photography


After taking some time to plan (and have) my own wedding, I'm back to work! With emotions still running high from my special day, I was eager to be behind the camera. And Elliott & Zoe did not let me down! When I arrived, the bride was toasting to her bridesmaids. With tears in everyone's eyes, (not pictured here) I quietly sat my camera bag down and started snapping away. I love when emotions are high and everyone is seemingly on the brink of tears the entire day. It always makes for some great imagery. I like to take a photojournalistic approach to weddings I photograph, so when the tears are flowing, it makes my job so much easier. The dress was beautiful. One of my favorite detail shots is with the dress hanging in front of a large window with a lot of backlighting. It really makes the details of the dress stand out to me. Once the bride was ready and was having her dress zipped up, her daughter ran to her and was so enamored by how beautiful her mom looked in her wedding dress. This was such a precious moment between mom and daughter. These are the moments I live for!

Once at the venue, the bride and groom decided to do a first touch and pray together which I thought was very special. As soon as they held hands, they both were fighting back the tears. I knew the love between the two of them was going to make this day memorable.

When the bride walked down the isle, Elliott couldn't contain himself! I love an emotional groom. The way he looked at his bride reminded me of when I first saw my bride just a few weeks ago! When it came time to read the vows, the Best Man handed Elliott a scroll. Yes you read that right! Everyone, including the bride had a good laugh. However, that laughter quickly turned to "aww" from the guests. The vows shared by Elliott brought his bride, and the guests, to tears. They were absolutely beautiful. Elliot even began to cry and as Zoe wiped away his tears, I had to wipe away one of my own! When it was Zoe's turn to read her vows, her words had the same result. I promise there wasn't a dry eye in there!

Once the ceremony was finished, we all headed to get some photos with the wedding party at the beach. There was a storm rolling in and the sand was kicking up pretty badly. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend as much time as we wanted to at the waterfront. But we still were able to get some great photos. After that, it was time to PARTY!

The reception was loads of fun. Plenty of dancing, drinks, and laughs. With such a large wedding party, and lots of close friends and family, there were plenty of toasts and speeches. Everyone had so many wonderful things to say about the lovely couple. Both Elliott and Zoe were touched by all the kind words.

When it came time for the cake cutting, their daughter had so much expression, like she did for most of the day. I loved catching those precious moments for Zoe and Elliot. I was so glad to be a part of Elliot and Zoe's special day!

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